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Get co-curricular credit or community service hours while you learn about the tools you need to stop violence whenever it happens around you, whether its sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, intimidation and domestic violence, during Green Dot Bystander Training on the Flagler Campus.

Take a stand against violence and do your part to improve the quality of education and the campus experience for all students.

Registration is free, and refreshments are provided.

Participants who complete the program also receive t shirts, swag and a $25 gift certificate to Betty Griffin Thrift Stores.





Upcoming Green Dot Bystander Training at Flagler College

Stay tuned for information as we plan for more Bystander Trainings over the Summer and Fall Semesters.



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About Green Dot

In February 2017, the Betty Griffin Center and Flagler College launched the Green Dot Strategy – a collaboration between the center and the college to reduce Power Based Personal Violence. The Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program is a comprehensive strategy happening across the country to reduce violence on college campuses. The Strategy involves students, faculty and administrators in promoting a safe campus culture where violence is not tolerated.

The campus-wide initiative’s goal is to give all participants the tools and skills to safely intervene and to prevent sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking on campus and in the community.

You may see Green Dot representatives tossing Green Dot Frisbees and providing other giveaways to promote the program and create awareness at their monthly Tabling Events.

Students can register for Green Dot Bystander Trainings. Participants receive CoCurricular Credit and Community Service Hours along with a Completion Certificate for their Portfolio. Participants learn specific ways to safely intervene on behalf of others by practicing the 3 D’s – Direct, Delegate, Distract.

A Green Dot Overview for students, faculty, staff and administrators can be scheduled.

The Green Dot Bystander Training for students is a five-hour training.
The Green Dot Bystander Training for faculty, staff and administrators is a three-hour training.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Thompson, Green Dot Coordinator, at