Sexual Assault

Rape can happen to anyone.
Rape is not a crime about sex.
Rape is a crime of violence.
Victims do not invite rape:
by the way they dress,
by where they are, nor
by how they appear.

Talk to a counselor Online

**Betty Griffin House does not offer online counseling. However, one of RAINN’s (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) member centers, the Brazos County Rape Crisis Center, offers anonymous, confidential internet support counseling for sexual assault survivors, as well as for their friends and family members. The center’s counselors make every effort to respond to messages within 48 hours or less. This web site is set up on the same type of secure encrypted system that banks use for credit card transactions and wire transfers.

Individuals communicate with a rape crisis counselor through the center’s web page by assigning themselves a code name and password so that the source of the message is protected. All that is known by the staff person responding is what the survivor chooses to share and the client’s code name. No one else can access the sender’s messages or the response without knowing the self-assigned code name and password.

For an additional information, visit

This site should not be used for emergency intervention due to the time delay in responding.