I’m 23 years old. Ten years ago, my mother contacted Betty Griffin Center needing help to escape a very abusive husband. With your help, she succeeded in removing my family from the situation that was slowly killing us.

My reason for writing is to simply say thank you so very much. Please know that you made the difference between life and death…of the actual person and soul. Looking back now, not only did you help my family leave a very bad place, but you also brought us out of the inside darkness that we were buried in.

Above and beyond helping us escape the abusive situation, your organization also chose our family to be sponsored during Christmas. As a child, you see Christmas as things, toys and presents. As children, that is how we appreciated the gift of being sponsored. As an adult, I see the other tremendous gifts given to us that holiday. You gave three children a sense that their lives would indeed continue, and that there were people that cared for them.

I cannot speak for her, but I know you gave a mother so much more than a Christmas. You gave my family hope…and I will forever be thankful for that. One day, I hope to reach out to a family in need…and give back to others what has been given to me.

Today, my mother, two brothers and myself have risen above the indifferences that we were faced with and are thriving in the freedom in which we live our lives on OUR OWN. We speak our minds, have our own opinions and are free from the crippling fear that living with abuse casts upon you. Thank you so much!